Portrait of Marcel Duchamp and/or Rrose Sélavy
50 x 45 x 6 cm | alkyd paint, letraset & enamel on plywood construction | 2019



Jan 10th – Feb 28th, 2020

Francis M. Naumann Fine Art, New York

Walter Pach | Denise Bellon | Naomi Savage | Victor Obsatz | Arnold Rosenberg | Raymond Duchamp-Villon | Ettore Salvatore | Reuben Nakian | Isabelle Waldberg | Man Ray | Marcel Gromaire | Suzanne Duchamp | Jacques Villon | André Raffray | Sarah Austin | Tom Chimes | Ray Johnson | Richard Hamilton | Michael Vannoy Adams | Stefan Banz | Ray Beldner | Nancy Becker | Mike Bidlo | Rafael Leonardo Black | Brice Brown | Robert Brinker | Pablo Echaurren | TR Ericsson | Robert Forman | Tom Hackney | Kathleen Gilje | Jasper Johns | Don Joint | Pamela Joseph | Larry Kagan | Jane Kaplowitz | Christa Maiwald | Carlo Maria Mariani | Sophie Matisse | Jacques Moitoret | Yasumasa Morimura | Richard Pettibone | Kathy Ruttenberg | Jonathan Santlofer | Tom Shannon | Mark Tansey | Douglas Vogel | Ai Weiwei | CK Wilde | Rob Wynne | Tetsuya Yamada


Openings - Tom Hackney

25.04 - 31.05.19

a collaboration between dalla Rosa and Eagle Gallery, London


Apr 25th - May 31st 2019

a collaboration between dalla Rosa and Eagle Gallery, London

dalla Rosa and Eagle Gallery are delighted to present openings, a solo exhibition of new work by Tom Hackney gathering paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

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A GAME IN A GAME - Tom Hackney
06.09 - 06.10.18
Benjamin Sebban Gallery, Brussels


06.09 - 06.10.18 - PV 6th Sept, 6-8pm

BENJAMIN SEBBAN GALLERY | 2b rue Saint Georges | 1050 Brussels, Belgium

In 1923, after (un)finishing work on The Large Glass in New York, Marcel Duchamp ‘abandoned art’ and returned to Europe. Duchamp relocated to Brussels, spending a period of eight months immersed in the study of chess.

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Open Ground - installation view[photo courtesy of 57W57Arts, New York]

Open Ground

Tom Hackney

Sept 8th - Oct 20th, 2017
Project Space 
57W57Arts, New York

In the Project Space, British artist Tom Hackney will present Open Ground, a new collection of monochrome paintings included in his ongoing series, Chess Paintings (2009-present). These monochromes are comprised of gesso or primers, paints that traditionally lie beneath a visible surface, where structural materiality takes precedence over an observable aesthetic. The works in this series are an examination of the challenges posed, particularly to painting, by Marcel Duchamp’s designation of a non-retinal art.

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CROSS SECTION/04 - Tom Hackney, Roland Hicks, Catrin Morgan (installation view) photo courtesy of dalla Rosa Gallery, London


Tom Hackney, Roland Hicks, Catrin Morgan 
30 June - 29 July 2017, preview 29 June (6.30 - 8.30 pm)

dalla Rosa is delighted to present CROSS SECTION/04 a three-person exhibition gathering new work by Tom Hackney, Roland Hicks, and Catrin Morgan.

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LINCOLN / WILSON60 x 55 x 7 cm | cast concrete mounted on aluminium shelf | edition of 3 + 1AP | 2016[photo courtesy of dalla Rosa Gallery]

Creekside Open 2017

Selected by Alison Wilding

8th June - 2nd July 2017

Prizewinners: Rebecca Byrne | Tom Hackney | Sophie Marritt

Kristaps Ancans | Annie Attridge | Alex Baker | Marta Bakst | Susan Berry | Rob Birch | Holly Birtles | Ryan Brown | Rebecca Byrne | Yunling Chen | Hannah Clarkson | Fiona Curran | Nikki Davidson-Bowman | Sarah Davies | Daniel Davis | Tori Day | Rodney Dee | Fiona Finnegan | Charlie Franklin | Jonathan Gabb | Emily Glass | Caroline Gorick | Laura Green | Athene Greig | Tom Hackney | Nicky Hodge | Steph Huang | Bruce Ingram | Egle Jauncems | Sarah Jenkins | Agnieszka Katz Barlow | Sarah Kogan | Sandy Layton | Maggie Learmonth | James Lomax | Dennis Low | Wayne Lucas | Sarah Macdonald | Rowan Mace | Selma Makela | Enzo Marra | Sophie Marritt | Ben McDonnell | Jane Millar | Paul David Mitchell | Anna Mortimer | Tahmina Negmat | Doireann Ni Ghrioghair | Sarah Pager | Joshua Philpott | Marion Piper | Angus Sanders-Dunnachie | Miho Sato | Laura Jane Scott | Cecilia Sjoholm | Susan Sluglett | Laura Smith | Liam Sprod | Tabitha Steinberg | Amy Stephens | Bill Stewart | Gloria Sulli | Isobel Mei Taylor | Stephan Termote | Julie Umerle | Ronis Varlaam | Rachel Warriner | Poppy Whatmore | Corey Whyte

Art in Perpetuity Trust
Harold Wharf
6 Creekside
London SE8 4SA


Alfred Stieglitz, Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, 1917, gelatin silver print, 23.5 x 17.8 cm. Private Collection.(image courtesy of Francis Naumann Fine Art)

Marcel Duchamp - Fountain An Homage

Francis Naumann Fine Art, New York

April 10 - May 26, 2017 

Opening reception Monday, April 10, 6 - 8pm

Saâdane Afif, Aldwyth, Caroline Bachmann, John Baldessari, Stefan Banz, Ray Beldner, Mike Bidlo, Ecke Bonk,  Marcel Dzama, Pablo Echaurren, Kathleen Gilje, Tom Hackney, Rudolf Herz, Don Joint, Pamela Joseph, Larry Kagan, Alexander Kosolapov, Joseph Kosuth, Sherrie Levine, Carlo Maria Mariani, Sophie Matisse, Saul Melman, Richard Pettibone, Jonathan Santlofer, Peter Saul, Tom Shannon, Sturtevant, Douglas Vogel, Ai Weiwei, Tetsuya Yamada 

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Tom Hackney: le jeu mentalKunsthalle Marcel Duchamp | The Forestay Museum of Art[photo © Stefan Banz courtesy of KMD]

Tom Hackney: le jeu mental

Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp, Cully

20 November - 22 January 2017

Preview Saturday November 19, 6 to 8pm

Tom Hackney’s works are directly related to Marcel Duchamp’s concept of the ‘instantaneous state of rest’ but in a style of painting characteristic of the Zürich Concrete artists, not only giving the idea of ‘movement’ a new dimension but also embracing a fruitful reason for the appropriation or reanimation of abstract painting today.

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George Charman & Tom Hackney
dalla Rosa Gallery, London 


George Charman & Tom Hackney

dalla Rosa Gallery London

4 November - 3 December 2016 

Preview Thursday 3 November, 6.30 - 8.30 pm 

FORMWORK inaugurates a series of two-person exhibitions hosted by dalla Rosa with the aim of creating a dialogue between artists that have not previously worked together but share similar interests and influences. George Charman and Tom Hackney are both based in London and have been exploring the possibilities of concrete while developing other sides of their practices, specifically drawing (Charman) and painting (Hackney). The fascination with materials and processes is a clear trait d’union that runs through their work, together with an interest in perception modelled on grids and repetition. 

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